01. November 2012 City of Tomorrow - FUPOL mentioned in Fraunhofer publication

Cover Morgenstadt

“Morgenstadt – wie wir morgen leben” is the title of a book that has been just published in Germany. The Authors are Professor Hans-Jörg Bullinger, President of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - the largest organization for applied research in Europe - and the science writer Brigitte Röthlein.
Among the many ideas for all who are thinking today about how urban life might look like in the future the FUPOL project is mentioned as an important example of policy making solutions and e-participation. The book Wie könnten die Städte von morgen aussehen?provides guidance to all who want to shape the future of our cities to be livable and sustainable.
Die Metropolen der Welt wachsen mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit. Themen des Buches sind Energie, Wasser, Bauen und Wohnen, Ernährung und Gesundheit, Mobilität, Sicherheit, Arbeitswelt, Ver- und Entsorgung, Kommunikation und Wege zur Morgenstadt.The themes of the book are energy, water, construction and housing, nutrition and health, mobility, security, labor, supply and disposal, communication and ways ahead of City of Tomorrow.
Hans-Jörg Bullinger/Brigitte RöthleinHans-Jörg Bullinger / Brigitte Röthlein  - Morgenstadt – wie wir morgen lebenMorgenstadt.
ISBN 978-3-446-43203-1ISBN 978-3-446-43203-1

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