21. October 2012 The eChallenges 2012 Conference

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From October 17 to 19 in Lisbon the eChallenges 2012 Conference took place, which provides an international forum to share success stories and lessons learnt from applied Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related research at European level (FP7) as well as regional, national and commercial initiatives. The goals of eChallenges 2012 are to promote ICT knowledge sharing and innovation between commercial organizations, government agencies and the research community and exchange experiences about the current state of eAdoption. 
During the conference one parallel session was dedicated to “e-government applications” with the participation of about 50 people. In that section FUPOL was presented. After the presentation of FUPOL a live Q&A session took place.
Some other interesting projects have been presented that show complementarities with FUPOL:
- Puzzled by Policy http://www.puzzledbypolicy.eu/ focused on immigration policies,
- ETM – electronic Town Hall meeting http://www.parterre-project.eu/
- DEMOS-Plan – about formal participation in land use planning http://www.demos-plan.eu/en/

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