01. October 2012 World Urban Forum and FUPOL

Logo World Urban Forum

The UN Habitat agency organized the World Urban Forum in September. The main focus was Urban Future and Prosperity. “This Forum has been conceived as a platform where various segments of society can discuss, learn, practice, agree and disagree on different ways to build and sustain a more prosperous urban future for our cities. “
FUPOL has been presented at the Forum. It has shown how important it is to provide instruments for policy makers to involve widely and effectively citizens and local communities to create cities, that are more democratic, just, sustainable and humane, but still prosperous. FUPOL is a response to these major challenges.
During discussions ideas have burgeoned on how to extend FUPOL features to new areas including Urban Future in developed countries, but also focus its usage to fight segregation in slums of developing countries.

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