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  • FUPOL – A Key Element for Smart Cities

    FUPOL is key element of a smart city portfolio with a focus on the decision maker/politician, the PR–manager or city council.

  • FUPOL supported in Bulgaria now!

    The Future Policy Modelling (FUPOL) software is available and supported in Bulgaria now. Cellent AG (Austria) and ScaleFocus (Bulgaria) have signed a memorandum of understanding.

  • FUPOL también en español / FUPOL available in Spanish

    Cellent AG (Austria) y ASLOGIC han suscrito un acuerdo de colaboración para poner a disposición de los países de habla hispana las soluciones desarrolladas en el proyecto Future Policy Modelling (FUPOL), auspiciado por el 7º Programa Marco de la Unión Europea.

FUPOL is an FP7 project, which has successfully developed products and has now started to exploit  them on a worldwide scale.  It provides a completely new approach to traditional politics building on major innovations like multichannel social computing, crowd sourcing and simulation.

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FUPOL turnkey  easy-to-use solution consist of software, guidelines, training material and consulting services.  Using FUPOL has a lot of benefits for governments, citizens and businesses alike.

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FUPOL is supported in many countries worldwide.

You want to join us as a local partner?

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Check the list of consortium and support partners in your country.

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